Our Story

The founders of the SHRI Group, Lt. Srinath Prasad and Lt. Jamuna Prasad started their journey of prosperity and success in 1931 with a renewed hope, abundant energy, and undulating courage. As commodity traders, they set up new benchmarks of growth in Mathura. With value-based business practices, customer-driven policies, and a commitment to social responsibilities, these visionary businessmen laid a sturdy foundation of trust on which Shri Group stands proudly today.

Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara Resort & Spa, Mathura, is one of the proud gems of SHRI Group and is one of the leading resorts in Mathura. Being a leading player in the hospitality industry, our resort is designed with attention, given to each detail which reflects who we are. Brij Vasundhara is a scenic resort, the peaceful commanding a superb ambience at the foot of the holy Govardhan Parvat. The resort comprises of a luxuriously appointed cluster of detached cottages with 87 percent green landscaped areas.

About Our Premium Resort in Mathura

Situated at the premise of the devout Govardhan Parikrama, this astounding resort in Mathura conveys you closer to the almighty. Among the thrilling perspective of the all-encompassing Govardhan slope, echoes of serenades and hymns are noticeable all around. This resort is all about the experience where the divine blessings of Lord Krishna have recreated the lap of nature.

A landscape of expansive greens and every breath filled with the fragrance of the petrichor surrounds the very being of soul and divine. The luxury unspoken and unheard spread over the acres of green pampers you with delicious food, a peaceful abode, a relaxing pool, splashes of water, chirping of birds, and the dance of peacocks.

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The Design

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Under the striking blue breadth (sky), on the sacred soil (earth) of Govardhan Parvat, is a union of the maker (sun), the preserver (water), and the main thrust (air). Brij Vasundhara homes a special mix of the five fundamental components of nature, rendering joy to one's detects. 'Tree' is of extreme mythological significance in all religions. It is the premise of the presence of life on Earth - a wellspring of oxygen, fuel, nourishment, and a safe house. Brij Vasundhara has been innovatively chalked out in the state of a tree.

The passageway and the pathway look like the pole of a timber. Each branch along the storage compartment manages your way to a group of 24 houses and a water body, with each group named after an Indian waterway. The rugged yet sophisticated exteriors of the cottages are indeed enchanting.

The interior of every cottage, minute detailing and ornamentation, is a reflection of finesse and perfection. The compositional splendor of the resort exhibits a sensational combination of ethnicity, nature, and ostentatiousness. We’re making constant endeavors to maintain ecological balance by undertaking sapling plantation at regular intervals and by inculcating themes pertaining to nature in our project.