Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara Resort & Spa?
To reach Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara Resort & Spa from Agra airport, it will take you around 2 hours and 8 mins by car via nh19 / nh44. Mathura railway station is 23 km from our premium resort.

What are the main treatments offered by the spa?
The ayurvedic health center at the resort called the anubhuti, offers various rejuvenation and wellness packages. Following consultations with the in-house ayurvedic physician treatments are commenced.

Does the restaurant serve non-vegetarian?
No, our multi-cuisine restaurant- matki is a 100% vegetarian restaurant.

What is your cancellation policy in light of coronavirus?
A) yes, on prepaid bookings cancellations for the said date amendment of date is valid.
B) yes, cancellation is valid, in the case of natural calamity.

What is the distance of the temple from the resort?
The distance is as follows: Daan Ghati: 2 km, Mansi Ganga: 4 km, Jati Pura: 6kms

Can we get public transport to reach the temple?
Yes, by E-rickshaw only.

What are the timings of darshan of temple?
Till further instruction darshan from inside the temple is not allowed. However, from outside Mangla aarti darshan is possible.

Is there any arrangements for doing parikrama?
Yes, parikarma arrangements are available at the resort with e rickshaw.

Can we get a long stay in the resort with a kitchenette?
Yes, it is available on a chargeable basis with a pre- request.

Do you have a car parking facility and driver’s accommodation?
Yes, we do have a car parking facility and driver’s accommodation.

Do we disinfect the car also?
Yes, we do.

In an emergency is a doctor available?
Yes, doctor-on-call facility is available.

Is there anything to buy at the resort or nearby?
Yes, in the periphery of the 2 km market is there.

Can currency exchange be possible at the resort?
Yes, in Mathura it is available.

If you have bugs, do you recommend any particular repellant?
No, we don’t have

Is laundry service available?
Yes, it is available.

Is Wi-Fi available in cottages?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available in the lobby, and on request dongle is available in cottages.

What is the tipping policy?
No such policy is there.

Are the cottages fanned or air-conditioned?
Cottages are equipped with individual acts and fans.

Is there anything for children to do?
Yes indoor and outdoor activities like badminton table tennis, jumbo chess, etc

Do you have babysitters available?
Yes, we do have this facility available on a chargeable basis.

I plan on bringing my maid, is there anywhere she can stay?
No female maid staying facility.

Is the resort pet friendly?

What is the local culture like?
Braj culture

Are there any special ceremonies near the resort and when do they take place?
Special ceremonies like braj ki holi, janamashtmi, mudiya purnima mela, chappan bhog, etc in the proximity of Govardhan

Is there any known hospital nearby?
Yes in Mathura, Niyati hospital (corona free)

Is the resort friendly for old people?

In the resort, is there any temple for worship?
Yes, it is in the premises.

In the resort is there any place for yoga and meditation?
Yes, the place is available with the instructor with nominal charges.